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Sep 4 '10

Re: Males in Roles Stereotyped for Women.

In response to Mmmfeminism’s SAHD blog..

       What if media, and corporate world changed the roles of fathers or males in popular TV shows/commercials, to break the gender roles, and play more stereotypical “feminine” roles. If Gain commercials featured Dads, if there were more shows where the woman brings the bread and the man is the caretaker would we as a society evolve and change our stereotypes? Breaking boundaries?

      Perhaps more men would even feel more encouraged to do so in real life. I know there are a ton of stay at home dads, and men that cook, clean, babysit etc. If the media’s output perspective was altered a bit, do you think that the response would be an increase in men wanting to do more things that are considered “the woman’s job?”



Sep 4 '10
Jul 13 '10
Jun 26 '10

Not my video..

There are by far more political bands out there I could have posted. Anti-Flag is where I started my political mind, training wheels perhaps. Whether you like ‘em or not, their message is worth a listen. The first time I saw Anti-Flag as a young teen, I was on fire. For the first time there was a band that shouted for guys not to grope the girls while crowd surfing. Male feminists that believed in me as a female more than I believed in myself. Another favorite Anti-Flag memory is listening to Gloria Steinem speak at one of their shows. So powerful. I personally like this clip because Justin Sane speaks on legalization.

Jun 25 '10
Jun 24 '10
Jun 14 '10
""Most American children suffer too much mother and too little father." - Gloria Steinem"
Jun 11 '10

A Change In Opinon: Conservatives-0 Woman’s Rights-1

     Charlie, people might be shouting flip-flopper about your change in opinion regarding abortion, but I am shouting THANK YOU! I am hoping you have been touched by some sort of woman’s rights enlightenment, eh maybe it’s Mrs. Rome-Crist. Regardless of what it was to change your mind, thank you for vetoing HB 1143.

     A law that would require woman to participate in a sonogram prior to an abortion, forcing them to see what is growing before they decide to terminate. Torture women already making a difficult decision. I guess you realized the same, and you kept legislation out of our wombs!

  A changed opinion is worth noting but, anyone slowly leaning left from the right is just gaining wisdom. Hell I’d even say Charlie your a bit punk. You risked a political career to stand-up for teachers, and the education of Florida children. Right wingers could have brought you down, you switched parties to stand ground.


The latest in the political evolution of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist: the former Republican vetoed a bill today that would have required a woman seeking an abortion during the first trimester to pay for an ultrasound.

Crist has had a nuanced stance on abortion rights—or, as his Republican opponents say, a changing view. The Almanac of American Politics notes that early in his career he described himself as “pro-choice,” but in 2008—when he was seen as a rising star in the Republican Party—he was “pro-life.”

Now, in vetoing the bill, he has sided with abortion rights supporters.

Crist said the bill “places an inappropriate burden” on women. It is the third time in recent months that he has vetoed a bill approved by the Republican-controlled legislature—decisions that are fraught with political implications as he runs an independent bid for the U.S. Senate.

His political opponents seized on the veto. Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek had called on Crist to veto the bill, but said today that the governor “can never escape his anti-choice past.” Republican Marco Rubio also criticized the governor for the veto.

A local Florida station reported that Crist’s campaign Web site has removed anti-abortion language.